Tea Dance, May 2016

A day of thin haar didn't seem to deter people from attending our second Tea Dance in Tulloch Castle. We welcomed just over 50 dancers, some of whom had danced at our first Tea Dance in February but there were also many new faces. It was good to see some of the beginners had made real progress since February. Dancers from all over the Highlands came but the long distance prize went to a couple from the Isle of Arran. It was lovely to see four young girls joining in with the dancing. We were particularly delighted that class members collected former member, Doreen, from her care home to meet up with many old friends. Although Doreen is 94 she joined in with a little dancing. Another successful afternoon of dancing and by the time we finished the sun had burned through. A beautiful drive home. We look forward to seeing more dancers at our next Tea Dance.

Grandmother and granddaughter enjoying dancing together
Dancers from all over the Highlands participated
General views of dancing in the Grand Hall

 The full age range of dancers at the Tea Dance.
Doreen with the young girls. (The girls' parents gave permission for these to be on the website)

All photographs by William Crawford.  Thanks William!


Doreen joined in with the dancing.  Thank you to Ron and Maggie for bringing her to our Tea Dance.

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